As a native to Snoqualmie Valley, my love for what our natural areas have to offer is boundless. I believe that we can all be stewards for the environment while still evolving as a community. Creating more options for housing and increasing access to existing developed areas is key to supporting the vision of healthy growth. Awareness of our environmental footprints through that process helps realize the vision.


Our area is experiencing exponential growth and we are welcoming new residents from all over the globe every day. With so many different aspects of our town, from rivers and water sources to seismic activity to native flora and fauna, providing access to reputable information and disseminating it in an effective way will be one of my main goals, if elected. City officials make tough decisions every day and it’s important to me for the citizens to have access to background on these decisions.


I will bring out-of-the-box thinking and innovative ideas to address growth, development, the state of the local economy, how we approach management of protected areas and more. Additionally, I will do my best to give the next generation of voters a voice by calling for more involvement in City-level discussions. I bring a background in tech, marketing and retail management that will support our growing business community by being a voice of leadership and an open-door resource to North Bend business owners.