Creating a synergistic leadership team in North Bend.

As a professional with experience across industries, I have a unique perspective on leadership. North Bend is in a huge growth phase and like a corporation, establishing a new leadership team that has its eye on innovative ways to solve problems is going to be key in its evolution as a city. I will bring a start-up/innovator’s mentality, if elected to Position 7, and I plan on tapping into this when approaching decision-making for the community. I am a huge proponent of widening the reach of good leadership by promoting synergy within groups.

One specific program I would love to spearhead here is an association of HOA presidents. During my tenure as an HOA president, I encountered many situations where I could have benefited from connecting with other HOA leaders to discuss their approaches and strategize. I believe that an organization of this nature would not only benefit the neighborhoods these HOA’s serve, but the community as a whole by bringing together like-minded individuals who are dealing with the same or similar problems. Leveraging multiple minds is better than relying on one of two key leaders who are bound by their alliances with just a few contacts. Pooling networks, sharing ideas and building momentum on ideas will not only increase efficiency, it will bridge the gap between community and city. I envision this being a group of committed local leaders who would come together for regular meetings and also, contribute their time to local projects they care about, inside and outside of their own neighborhoods.