Conversations on traffic safety during construction

It is on the tongues of many. An issue that I have personally had concerns about. The topic of traffic safety is a challenge we will continue to face along with development here in North Bend.

As an HOA president in my own neighborhood, this was an issue that was continually brought up at meetings, by neighbors in passing on the street and in our online community. While development is not something I wish to fight (sustainable growth is a solution I will continue to discuss in later posts), keeping our young ones safe in their own neighborhoods is something I care deeply about.

Generally speaking, in my experience, the City has been receptive to complaints and questions and are happy to address obvious violations. However, as an ongoing issue we are bound to face, it’s my goal, if elected, to ensure the squeaky wheels get the grease where there is obvious need.

This means increasing monitoring in high construction traffic areas (there are many), maintaining close watch on builder operations and ensuring that areas where consistent complaints are being heard get the attention they deserve.

It is not an easy problem to solve, however. As I continue to learn the processes of expediting this kind of support in our local system, I plan on applying this knowledge to finding solutions that increase safety and the sense of security all citizens desire.